Fire Emblem Engage Lucina

Nintendo showcased Lucina’s talents as an Emblem in the upcoming Fire Emblem Engage. Lucina, also called the “Emblem of Awakening,” is a holy princess who believes in hope and by no means falls to despair. Lucina is greatest suited paired with a entrance row fighter. However, her gimmick lies on offering unimaginable offensive and defensive help to close by allies.

Lucina comes from the world of Fire Emblem Awakening, conquered by the Fell Dragon Grima. Because of this, the magnificence of Elyos can simply distract her, as this land continues to be preventing darkness and stays with hope. Here is a dialog between Lucina and Etie, a knight from the Kingdom of Firene:

Lucina’s Synchro Skill is named “Dual Strike.” It permits any unit to carry out a Chain Attack regardless of class. The additional Lucina’s assault vary, the extra probabilities to stack a Chain Attack. Her Link Weapon, “Noble Rapier,” inflicts large injury to Mounted items and people carrying Heavy Armor. “Bond Shield” is Lucina’s Engage Skill. It has a excessive probability of nullifying injury geared toward adjoining allies. When Lucina is paired with a unit that makes use of Martial Arts, “Bond Shield” will at all times activate. “All For One” is Lucina’s Engage Attack. It permits all allies inside two squares to take part in Chain Attacks. It can result in large injury relying on the participant’s formation. Because of the advantages she will be able to confer, Lucina works greatest surrounded by allied items, appearing as their commander.

Yuu Kobayashi voices Lucina in the Japanese dub for Fire Emblem Engage. She is greatest recognized for her roles as Valdi in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Luka Urushibara in Steins;Gate, and Sasha Blouse in Attack on Titan.

Fire Emblem Engage will come out worldwide on January 20, 2023 for the Nintendo Switch.