New update incoming for the Front Mission remake

The just lately launched Front Mission 1st Remake has fortunately been up to date at the moment to Version 1.0.3 by the staff at Forever Entertainment. The game wasn’t up to scratch at launch, so hopefully these new additions and fixes ought to go some manner to fixing that. It is a bit of worrying that some of Forever Entertainment’s latest releases corresponding to Panzer Dragoon Remake and House of the Dead Remake on Switch have want fixing after the video games have launched. Anyway, the Front Mission 1st Remake Version 1.0.3 rolls out on the Nintendo Switch at the moment.


  • “Battle speed” possibility
  • Statistics comparability earlier than fight
  • Alternate route looking for by the AI when the goal cell is occupied by an ally (solely in Modern Mode)
  • DPAD navigation in state of affairs map tile by tile
  • Direct assault on enemies by deciding on the purple sq. on the state of affairs map
  • Save panel after the marketing campaign is accomplished (no autosave deletion)
  • Death animation on the enviornment when BODY is destroyed
  • A “thank you” sound after a purchase order in a store.
  • Minigun animation when firing


  • Katakana and hiragana characters are actually out there when getting into identify
  • More seamless transition from the map to fight.
  • Improved Wanzer leaping animation
  • CHAFF is consistently hitting, and the defender doesn’t carry out guard animation.
  • Better music looping
  • Music is paused earlier than fight and resumed after fight
  • When attacking “only body” machines, the DUEL and GUIDE abilities don’t seem
  • Changed “open command menu” from Y to B button.
  • Improved the workshop’s ambient sounds
  • Player now returns to enemy choice after fight in the enviornment
  • Localization tweaks


  • Incorrect MISS and GUARD textual content place on the enviornment when attacking from afar
  • Bug with the GUARD worth when geared up with a missile launcher
  • USN 10 state of affairs bug (can not full the mission if all enemies are killed earlier than the third flip)
  • Sorting bug in the workshop (mistaken merchandise bought after sorting)
  • Enemies not attempt to assault with destroyed arms
  • Enemies will now assault with just one arm destroyed
  • DOUBLE and SWITCH abilities typically softlocking the game
  • Shop setup bug (a grip weapon was not added to the stash after buying an arm with an inner weapon)
  • Bug when rockets or bullets cross by means of the floor
  • When utilizing an ACID merchandise, the shoulder weapon and defend weren’t affected
  • Bug with incorrect shoulder weapon kind in setup after defend mounting
  • Other minor bugs

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