High On Life screenshot of your gun, Kenny

High On Life screenshot of your gun, Kenny

In High On Life, your gun-slash-sidekick Kenny gives a working commentary on, effectively, all the things. He and his fellow Gatlians are continually chiming in throughout fight. Or when you’re strolling round. Or simply every time.

Between your gun, enemies, ads, and NPCs, it may be fairly overwhelming. In this High On Life settings information, we’ll clarify how to settle down your gun and enemies just a little.

Enemy and Gun Chatter setting

The High On Life audio settings menu.

In the pause menu, choose the second possibility, Audio. The final two choices are Enemy Chatter and Gun Chatter. Each of those have three choices: None, Occasional, and Frequent.

Both settings are on Frequent by default. Turning them each down to Occasional provides you with a little bit of a break from the fixed dialogue. They’ll nonetheless pipe up fairly usually, nevertheless it gained’t be practically as typically.

Setting Gun Chatter to None will cease the Gatlians from speaking throughout fight and exploration, however you’ll nonetheless get their dialogue throughout cutscenes and necessary in-game moments.


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