A female Pokemon trainer in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Japanese gaming web site Game With beforehand requested its readers to vote for his or her favourite Pokemon in the newest Pokemon video games, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. The outcomes have now come by way of and the winner is the a dual-type Fairy & Steel-type Pokemon, Tinkaton, which is adopted by the dual-type Poison & Ground-type Pokemon, Clodsire, and the dual-type Grass & Dark-type Pokemon, Meowscarada, in third.

Top Ten Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet:

  1. Tinkaton
  2. Clodsire
  3. Meowscarada
  4. Fuecoco
  5. Ceruledge
  6. Tastugiri Curly Form
  7. Sylveon
  8. Slither Wing
  9. Lucario
  10. Gardevoir & Mimikyu

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