Jade Fire Emblem Engage

Nintendo launched a brand new Fire Emblem Engage character named Jade. The official Fire Emblem Twitter shared artwork and video clips detailing the character and qualities of the brand new game-original girl knight.

Check it out beneath.

In Fire Emblem Engage, Jade is a royal knight from the nation of Brodia, a militaristic kingdom led by the character Morion the Conquerer. Jade is a retainer to Diamant, Brodia’s crown prince and certainly one of Fire Emblem Engage‘s Lord-class characters. Jade is described as calm and level-headed, taking her duties seriously. Her general reticence makes people think she’s cold-hearted, however she enjoys cheery issues and good humor. Jade meditates when confronted with an issue.

Check out a clip from Fire Emblem Engage of Jade in dialog with Amber, who was launched earlier.

In the clip, Jade asks Amber to inform her extra tales, as she intends to make use of them as a reference for a novel that she’s writing. Amber obliges, boasting about his prowess using alpacas. Unfortunately, a stay demonstration isn’t doable, as alpacas don’t stay within the present space.

Jade begins the game within the fortified “Axe Armor” class. The Axe Armor is described as a “heavily armored infantry unit that wields an axe.” Axe Armors have excessive protection rankings, however are susceptible to magical injury. The demo clip exhibits Jade in heavy armor, with a protect and one-handed battle axe.

Fire Emblem Engage launches on the Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023. Pre-orders are open.


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