new naughty dog game

New Naughty Dog game can have a number of script writers, in response to firm co-president Neil Druckmann. During an interview with The New Yorker, Druckmann revealed that he’s chosen to not write the script alone or with a single accomplice. This time, Naughty Dog can have a “writer’s room.”

Neil Druckmann “stoked” to point out new Naughty Dog game

Druckmann advised The New Yorker that Naughty Dog’s subsequent game will likely be “structured more like a TV show,” not like the studio’s earlier video games, whereby there will likely be a crew of writers engaged on the venture. Unfortunately, his feedback had been misconstrued resulting from a deceptive tweet by Geoff Keighley (through The Game Awards’ Twitter account), prompting him to ship a clarification.

Rumor has it that The Last of Us 3 is presently in improvement with Neil Druckmann on the helm, but it surely’s unclear if this will likely be Naughty Dog’s subsequent game. The rumored Uncharted reboot is seemingly being developed at a unique studio. There are not any new updates relating to The Last of Us multiplayer.


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