one piece odyssey combat

The official PlayStation YouTube channel uploaded a brand new trailer detailing the assorted methods and mechanics that might be in One Piece Odyssey. The trailer is over ten minutes lengthy. It additionally features a synopsis of One Piece Odyssey’s plot, a take a look at the historical past of the game’s improvement, and a rundown on the game’s total circulate.

The trailer seems particularly at how battles and adventuring in One Piece Odyssey will work. It additionally reveals the graphics and environments that can assist gamers to lose themselves on the earth of One Piece. To make the game really feel like an extension of the present, the builders targeted on camerawork and character expressions in fight.

There is a turn-based fight system with the intention to greatest showcase the skills of the Straw Hat Pirates. As effectively, a rock-paper-scissor mechanic with Power, Speed, and Technique is current. This will enable you to put down the groundwork for methods. The Scramble Area Battle system randomly locations characters within the area, and you need to incorporate everybody’s positions into your techniques. There are additionally “dramatic scenes” that act as mini-missions, which can grant a lift to post-battle rewards.

For the adventuring portion, you possibly can swap freely between completely different characters to discover. As Usopp, you should use his slingshot to hit distant objects. Meanwhile, Chopper is sufficiently small to slot in small areas. You can use Zoro to chop open chests, Sanji can search for cooking substances, and Nami can discover cash on the bottom. You may use these area actions to resolve dungeon puzzles.

Finally, you possibly can absolutely customise characters with equipment. As effectively, there are a number of choices to make gadgets or meals with Usopp, Sanji, or Robin. How many equipment a personality can equip will enhance as you play by way of the story.

One Piece Odyssey will come out on the PS45, PS5, and Xbox Series X on January 12, 2023. The Windows PC model will come out on January 13, 2023.


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