Xbox 360 JRPG, Lost Odyssey

Another distinguished video game builders who was requested about their plans for 2023 by Famitsu is, Hironobu Sakaguchi, the acclaimed head of RPG studio, Mistwalker. Mr. Sakaguchi jokingly informed the publication that he thought it was going to be the yr he retired, however he says “I decided to try to give this another go.” He mentioned that he and the remainder of the group are exhausting at work on creating what’s been described as a “dark fantasy” game. Platforms haven’t been talked about and it appears as if the mission may very well be within the early levels of improvement. Mistwalker is the studio behind such video games as Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey and Fantasian.

Mistwalker’s, Hironobu Sakaguchi, plans and ambitions for 2023:

Ambitions for 2023: “I thought I was going to retire (laughs), but I decided to try to give this another go…”

Status Update: “I’ll never stop playing Final Fantasy XIV. Meet me in Eorzea. I also started writing the scenario for a new title yet to be announced. It will be a dark fantasy.”

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