The Scaramouche to Wanderer Genshin Impact Character Arc Goes from Heartbreaking to Hopeful

Scaramouche is a kind of characters whose presence was typically teased in Genshin Impact earlier than his playable debut because the Wanderer. He confirmed up initially in Unreconciled Stars, providing one other trace at what a Fatui member might be like within the game. After that, he disappeared till we reached the Chapter 2 Archon Quests, which hinted at his origins and motivations. Now that his storyline resolved within the Sumeru Archon Quests, we actually get an concept of how effectively HoYoVerse developed his character arc and instructed his story in Genshin Impact in a satisfying method that goes from heartbreaking to hopeful.

Editor’s Note: There can be spoilers for the Scaramouche and Wanderer storyline in Genshin Impact beneath.


A great way to consider it is to take into account how Scaramouche modified since his introduction, and the way intently his growth as an individual progressed in contrast to conventional character arcs in video games, films, and exhibits. When we meet him in Unreconciled Stars’ “The Crisis Deepens” occasion, he initially appears nice and useful. That facade drops in “What the Skies Conceal, the Water Reveals,” when Mona realizes at a look the hazard he poses. It’s solely then that he reveals each instances, he aimed to eradicate the Traveler within the title of eliminating an impediment. By the time this storyline ends with “Where Ancient Stars Align,” he’s found a reality concerning the world of Teyvat that we, as gamers, nonetheless don’t know as of the three.3 replace. That new information helped intensify a aim and elevated his consciousness of the character of the world. He now wants to know extra, abandoning the concept of presumably dealing with the Traveler, for the sake of data.

This falls consistent with most progressions of character arcs in storytelling. You start with an introduction. You set the stage for who somebody is and supply an preliminary impetus. In this case, we all know Scaramouche is a member of the Fatui. We know all Fatui see the Traveler as a possible blocker to their plans after the occasions in Mondstadt. We notice in his preliminary appearances, he’s set on aiding his group’s trigger. However, by the top of the occasion, we see the beginnings of his new journey and story. He has a aim, which is to discover info, and a brand new sense of function after studying a reality concerning the world.

The Scaramouche to Wanderer Genshin Impact Character Arc Goes from Heartbreaking to Hopeful

Once we get to the “Omnipresence Over Mortals” Archon Quests and Inazuma, we start to be taught way more about Scaramouche’s motivations and new targets. In every new area, we see a Fatui Harbinger going after the Gnosis of the Archon there. While we don’t at all times see Scaramouche right here and within the Hues of the Violet Garden Irodori Festival, it’s in these sections that we begin to see his targets solidify and perceive his goals. Throughout the chapters and occasions, we come to be taught that Scaramouche isn’t human. He’s a puppet made by the Archon Ei and predecessor to the unique Raiden Shogun, one she makes use of in present occasions. She tossed him out. We be taught a number of instances earlier than being recruited by the Fatui, he’d been betrayed. A buddy who appeared to take into account him human harm him. A toddler he befriended and promised to stay with died.

This means all through Scaramouche’s life, he’s recognized two issues. He’s a man-made assemble. Perhaps even one thought of a “failure,” as Ei determined not to use him when he cried after being made and was deserted. He’s additionally been repeatedly deserted and betrayed when trying to reside alongside and be a human. Upon becoming a member of the Fatui, he grew to become as a lot of a member because the Balladeer as he was each a instrument to the group and an experiment for Dottore. Upon lastly getting a Gnosis, the factor he would have possessed if Ei had chosen him as her puppet slightly than the Raiden Shogun, he’s poised for the large second. Scaramouche bought the factor that would give him his aim of energy. And in Chapter 3’s Dreams, Emptiness, Deception, we see Dottore in Sumeru is serving to Scaramouche hit that subsequent step of precise godhood. Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises sees him get what he desires because the Shouki no Kami.

The Scaramouche to Wanderer Genshin Impact Character Arc Goes from Heartbreaking to Hopeful

But as unsettling a prospect that is, not to point out terrifying, given we’ve seen the benefit with which Scaramouche may be merciless and the disregard for different individuals, even this second is heartbreaking in its personal method. After years of being seen as and feeling like an “other,” then lastly getting what he might need felt is his birthright due to his creation, the Traveler rips that away from Scaramouche. It’s a necessity to be sure, for the sake of Genshin Impact’s story and the protection of the opposite characters and world, but additionally as a result of it once more progresses his arc. He had his aim. He bought what he wished. But it wasn’t sufficient. Things want to shift. He wants to be taught extra and do extra. He wanted to develop.

Scaramouche will get the prospect to achieve this within the Inversion of Genesis interlude in Genshin Impact, and it is then that the participant is rewarded with each the satisfying payoff and “Wanderer.” Because it’s right here that we get that gradual falling of motion to a decision that, whereas not a totally comfortable ending, presents a decision to the climax that got here all through the Sumeru Archon Quest and the hope of a brand new starting. Through Nahida’s fable, we get to higher perceive what Scaramouche went by way of all through his life. When he will get to head to Irminsul, it’s as a lot to his profit because the Traveler and Nahida’s. Not solely do they get to strive for extra details about the Traveler’s sibling, however he will get to be taught extra about Dottore’s affect all through his life. That one betrayal… wasn’t. Niwa Hisahide, the primary individual to deal with Scaramouche as a human, was at all times true to him. That Niwa died due to Dottore. That even again then, Dottore was getting ready to use Scaramouche as a toy and gear for his personal experiments. We witness his ache and heartbreak throughout the revelation, in addition to an excessive response to try to set issues proper by erasing his personal existence.


It’s by way of these actions that we be taught much more about Teyvat and see Scaramouche’s second probability as The Wanderer in Genshin Impact. He did what he hoped could be the “right” factor. He tried to save Niwa. But we be taught it isn’t potential to so simply take away somebody or one thing from the world. Also, that Dottore’s evil couldn’t be undone, even with such a dire alternative. That Scaramouche would nonetheless exist as The Wanderer, and people reminiscences could be reclaimed.

But with that finale, we attain the best a part of Scaramouche and The Wanderer’s character arc in Genshin Impact. We see him accepted by two others. Throughout all occasions and Archon Quests, he’s given the Traveler no motive to belief or assist him. He’s been antagonistic at finest and dangerously malicious at worst. However, the Traveler sticks by him all through Inversion of Genesis. They even assist him regain his reminiscences as The Wanderer, as soon as he notes that is what he desires. When he’s recovering from the realizations and moments, they even block a murderous blow from Shouki no Kami to save him. By the top of these storylines we see The Wanderer transferring ahead together with his life, accepting a brand new position as an ally to the Traveler and Nahida, and maybe changing into a greater individual. Moreover, we get this trace that perhaps he hasn’t forsaken connections in any case, as he’s interacted peaceably and amicably with the Traveler. If you even pull for him on his banner, his voice strains learn like these of a buddy.

Genshin Impact is obtainable for the PS4, PS5, PC, and cell gadgets, and the Wanderer banner that provides Scaramouche as a playable character is obtainable till December 27, 2022.