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The Witcher 3’s ballyhooed subsequent gen replace provides two new units of drugs: the Dol Blathanna and White Tiger of the West units. Both embrace swords and armor, and are included free with the replace, however they don’t present up in your stock mechanically. Here’s how to unlock the new armor — and the place to find it.

Cross-saving and your new gear

The new units of armor and swords are rewards for signing into your GOG account — that is the identical methodology you’d use for cross-platform saving.

You’ll want to head to the Royal Palace in Vizima — the place you met (or will meet) up with Yennefer — to declare your new gear. You simply have to find it first.

Royal Palace

You attain the Royal Palace in Vizima comparatively early in a new game. If you’ve performed previous this level in the previous, simply quick journey again to the palace.

Witcher 3 map of the Royal Palace in Vizima showing the location of the new armor sets in the Next Gen update.

When you arrive, you’ll additionally get a observe from Yennefer — Letter with Yennefer’s Instructions — that tells you had been to find your new armor units and kit.

When you exit the throne room, merely comply with the coated walkway in the courtyard, turning proper at the nook, then take the first door in your left. You’ll be inside a chamber with a fire. Take the door in the again proper to the adjoining room. There, beneath the window, you’ll find the chest along with your present.

It’s… not tremendous useful. Instead, use the map above to information you. You’re heading for the higher left (northwest) nook.

Dol Blathanna and White Tiger of the West gear

Witcher 3’s Geralt in the Dol Blathanna armor set

If you’re ranging from a new game, you gained’t have the ability to use your new gear immediately. The Dol Blathanna gear — the Sword of a Thousand Flowers metal and White Widow of the Valley of Flowers silver swords, plus the Thousand Flowers armor, gauntlets, trousers, and boots — require stage 7. The White Tiger of the West gear — the Nine-Tailed Vixen metal and silver swords, plus the White Tiger of the West armor, vambraces, trousers, and boots — require stage 11.

The Dol Blathanna set (the Thousand Flowers gear) primarily provides a lift to the Aard and Igni indicators. The White Tiger of the West gear is a bit more generalized with boosts to vitality and adrenaline, resistance to elemental injury and poison, and an elevated vital hit likelihood.


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