honkai impact 3rd asteroid figures

AmiAmi opened up provisional pre-orders for 5 Honkai Impact 3rd Asteroid collection figures. These are re-runs of previous figures. The Asteroid collection are miniature figures that use chibi-fied designs of the characters. All of the figures value 5,200 JPY ($39.40) and can come out a while in May 2023.

The re-run Honkai Impact 3rd Asteroid figures all come from totally different releases. For instance, the Sugar Haw Child model of Theresa was from the sixth batch, whereas the Umbral Rose Rita determine was from the fifth. All of the figures stand at underneath 10 centimeters tall.

You will have the ability to pre-order:

  • Kallen Kaslana (Sixth Serenade)
  • Rita Rossweisse (Umbral Rose)
  • Theresa Apocalypse (Sugar Haw Child)
  • Bronya Zaychik (Herrscher of Reason)
  • Kiana Kaslana (Bastet’s Secret)
  • Seele Vollerei (Starchasm Nyx)
  • Li Sushang: Jade Knight

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As a reminder, these are provisional pre-orders. That means they will not be obtainable if the producer doesn’t make sufficient to match the demand.

The most up-to-date replace in Honkai Impact 3rd permits gamers to make use of the Herrscher of Truth and Sixth Serenade within the Elysian Realm. There can also be an replace to Chip Space. You will have the ability to get the Elemental Rush Core and Versatile Core chips. You can set off Elemental Rush after you deal Elemental DMG, whereas Versatility grants stacks relying on the number of assaults you employ.

Honkai Impact 3rd is out there on the Windows PC and cell gadgets, and the Asteroid collection figures can be found for pre-order through AmiAmi. They will come out in May 2023.


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