The second half of Nintendo’s 2022 featured loads of game updates. The majority of them had been for his or her new game releases, however Nintendo even updated some video video games that haven’t acquired a single replace in a number of years.

Well, 2023 appears to be starting on an analogous observe. Nintendo and PlatinumGames have launched an replace for Bayonetta 3. Once you replace, Bayonetta 3 must be at version 1.2.0. It’s an enormous replace, however its primary goal is for making changes and fixing points.You can see the patch notes in full down beneath.

Combat Adjustments

  • Adjusted Viola’s activation window for “Block” and activation situations for Witch Time.
    • Block activation window added after releasing Block (through the launch animation).
    • Added a further animation when Witch Time takes impact, making its activation simpler to notice.
    • The allotted period of Witch Time, and its activation window have been lengthened.
    • Now, when block is activated when participant is attacked, participant will obtain harm impact, however block will succeed and activate Witch Time.
    • Now, combo can proceed (with Dodge Offset) when participant makes use of Block to activate Witch Time.
    • If the Block enter is used repeatedly, the granted Witch Time period will lower.
  • Adjustments made to stop Viola’s evasive enter and Cheshire’s summoning enter from activating Assault Slave whereas sustaining invincibility if they’re utilized in speedy succession.
  • Weapons “Simoon”, “Tartarus” and Viola’s Charge Attacks can now proceed to maintain cost, even when dodged or blocked.
  • Wink Slave can now be activated from the combos “PKP*” and “PKK*” for the weapons “G-Pillar”, “Dead End Express” and “Cassiopeia”. *P is Punch, and Okay is Kick
  • When equipping the equipment “Infernal Communicator” and “Pulley’s Butterfly” to summon Devils and Butterflies, it’s now attainable to cancel the summoning movement by dodging or blocking.


The following Niflheim stage situations had been modified to decrease the issue:

Niflheim StageChanged Conditions
Chapter 2 Verse 5(Casual to Expert)120 second time restrict modified to 150 second time restrict
Chapter 3 Verse 4(Casual to Expert)Two lives elevated to three lives
Chapter 5 Verse 2 (Casual to Expert)150 second time restrict modified to 180 second time restrict
Chapter 6 Verse 8 (Casual to Expert)Two lives elevated to three lives
Chapter 9 Verse 8 (Casual to Expert)60 second time restrict modified to 80 second time restrict
Chapter 10 Verse 1 (Casual to Expert)140 second time restrict modified to 160 second time restrict
Chapter 12 Verse 5 (Casual to Expert)One life elevated to two lives

Game Modes

  • Conditions for acquiring the “Tricolored Keys” wanted to unseal the “Old Picture Book” have been made simpler.
    • “Tricolored Keys” will probably be routinely obtainable on the chapter choose display as soon as it turns into attainable to entry the “Gates of Hell”.
  • Even if the participant already has entry to the Gates of Hell, or has already obtained one or two keys, they are going to routinely get hold of the remaining keys when going to the chapter choose display after making use of the replace.

Other Changes

  • Adjustments have been made to the Golem Treasure Chests present in phases.
    • Time limits have been elevated, and problem has been lowered.
    • Golem Chest fragmenting animation can now be fast-forwarded with the B-button.
  • Adjustments have been made to scale back conditions with poor digicam visibility.
  • Adjusted game stability.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in Verse 5 of Chapter 7 that prevented progress when sure actions had been carried out whereas controlling Cheshire.
  • Fixed an issue with the accent “Hymn of Durga” through which its impact was not being utilized to some assaults.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place utilizing Alruna’s “Bondage Whip (P or K* long press)” ability in sure conditions would trigger the enemies to to die immediately.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place the weapons utilizing “Crow Within” (J* lengthy press)” with “Scarborough Fair” and “Love is Blue” would trigger participant to transfer ahead considerably beneath sure situations.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place Bayonetta’s animations wouldn’t play accurately when switching weapons instantly after utilizing the “Crow Within (J* long press)” with the weapons “Scarborough Fair” and “Love is Blue”.
  • Fixed a bug that brought on “Black Pearl Rain (Rotate L stick + S*)” for Infernal Demon “Kraken” to set off “Wink Slave” with abnormally excessive assault energy.
  • Fixed a bug that brought on “Devil Rodin” to be caught for a time when utilizing (*3*) constantly, instantly after rising up with a previous “After Burner Kick (J・K*)”.
  • Fixed a bug through which Viola’s Assault Slave was in a position to summon Infernal Demons in “Infernal Demon-prohibited areas”.
  • Fixed an error within the hand image seen in Cutie J’s transformation sequence viewable in Side Chapter.
  • Fixed different points to make the game extra fulfilling to play.

*P is Punch, Okay is Kick, S is Shoot, and J is Jump.



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