FE Heroes A Hero Rises: Fire Emblem Engage Cup Characters Revealed

Ahead of Fire Emblem Engage’s debut, a Fire Emblem Heroes A Hero Rises Cup got here up. Players have been tasked for voting for items primarily based on characters who seem in Emblem Rings within the game. The final purpose could be to see these 12 finalists in a free summon and on a banner collectively. Now, the entire 12 winners of the polling occasion have been revealed.

Here is the complete record of all 12 of the Fire Emblem Heroes Engage Cup outcomes. Three Duo items ended up being winners.

  • Byleth: The Fodlan Star – Green tome-wielding infantry unit with water legendary impact
  • Celica: Valentia’s Hope – Colorless tome-wielding infantry unit
  • Corrin: Starry Seer – Blue breath-wielding infantry unit
  • Eirika: Beach Restorer – Green tome-wielding flying unit
  • Ike: Close-Knit Siblings – Sword-wielding infantry Duo unit
  • Leif: Destined Scions – Colorless bow-wielding cavalry Duo unit
  • Lucina: Future Fondness – Axe-wielding armored unit
  • Lyn: Blazing Whirlwind – Lance-wielding infantry unit
  • Marth: Prince of Light – Sword-wielding infantry unit
  • Micaiah: Radiant Queen – Colorless tome-wielding infantry unit with wind legendary impact
  • Roy: Blazing Bachelors – Axe-wielding cavalry Duo unit
  • Sigurd: Fated Holy Knight – Sword-wielding cavalry unit with wind legendary impact

How these free summon occasions work prior to now is somebody will get to drag as soon as on a banner without cost. They then get to choose one blue, colorless, inexperienced, or pink orb. That will randomly give them a five-star of one of many focus items. The ensuing normal banner with the 12 items would require Orbs to drag on it.

Fire Emblem Heroes is out there on Android and Apple iOS gadgets, and the Engage Cup free summon occasion and banner are on the way in which.


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