Hololive Tempus Holostars

Tempus, the primary Hololive all-male English VTuber unit, is about to go on a new journey. The group debuted in July 2022, and a new teaser by Hololive Production’s English department means that it’ll be going off seeking new pals.

The teaser was posted to the official Hololive English Twitter account on January 3, 2023. The video teased a reveal scheduled for January 4, 2023, at 7pm PST/10pm ET/12pm JST.

The clip opens with Tempus VTuber Regis Altare reciting textual content on display. He refers to Elysium, the title of the digital world that serves as the house of Tempus, which is an Adventuring Guild. Regis says that “they had to make their move, to learn more about the world, and to find new adventures and some new friends.” Exactly what this implies for the group is unclear. It may very well be the debut of a new member. Or maybe, some collaboration between the 4 or with different Hololive VTubers on a joint undertaking.

The teaser then transitions to artwork of the group poring over varied maps, seeking stated journey. In the Holostars Tempus again matter, Elysium is a digital world that symbolizes humanity’s abandonment of corporeal existence. However, Elysium is threatened by a phenomenon referred to as “Records Corruption.” Tempus itself is an adventurer’s guild, which makes its dwelling within the metropolis’s hottest downtown pub.

Regis’ spiel seems to reference the story informed in Hololive Tempus’ debut manga. In the manga, which is viewable on the official web site, Regis awakes and begins in search of out fellows to affix his celebration. These naturally embrace the opposite members of Tempus: Magni Dezmond, Axel Syrios, and Noir Vesper.

Hololive Tempus’ new growth will likely be revealed on January 4, 2023. The members’ particular person channels are viewable on YouTube.


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