Long established video game improvement studio and writer, Konami, has teased loads of new video game projects and new developments on familiar collection are within the works this yr. Sadly, the corporate wouldn’t elaborate in its New Year message, however there have been rumours of Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania remakes and remasters doing the rounds for some time now. The Japanese firm can be identified to outsource a few of its properties to different builders such because the not too long ago introduced Silent Hill 2 remake, which is being developed by Polish developer, Bloober Team.

“This year is the year of the Rabbit, so we are planning power-ups and new developments for familiar series with the aiming of leaping even further. Additionally, we’re deeply and quietly progressing on new project(s) that we have yet to announce to you all. Konami is leaping forward, so by all means please stay tuned.”

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