A photo of the Leader card in Marvel Snap on an iPhone

A photo of the Leader card in Marvel Snap on an iPhone

The Leader, considered one of Marvel Snap’s most powerful playing cards, is coming in for a nerf, the digital card game’s boss mentioned Wednesday on Twitter. For some gamers, nevertheless, the change is nowhere close to sufficient.

Leader (a Hulk nemesis going again virtually 60 years now) will get a discount in Power, to three from 4. In Marvel Snap, the whole energy of playing cards performed in a location determines management of that house (and controlling two of three places at the finish of the game determines the winner).

But his energy isn’t what’s actually bothering people. Leader’s distinctive capability copies each card one’s opponent has performed, for that flip, to their facet. As Leader’s price is 6, he usually can’t be used till the finish of the game, which suggests gamers who’ve Leader are inevitably deploying him in opposition to different late-stage, high-cost, high-power playing cards. When used in opposition to a number of playing cards, Leader can swing the game’s consequence dramatically. Some would say unfairly. His presence is sufficient to power others to easily retreat.

“Leader’s effect is proving to be very frustrating to many players, and polarizing in its ability to lock down games and discourage playing some other 6-Cost cards,” Ben Brode, the chief growth officer for Marvel Snap maker Second Dinner, mentioned on Twitter.

That doesn’t deal with Leader’s overwhelming particular capability, however then, Brode says Second Dinner is “exploring further changes to the card in the future.” Brode instantly clarified which means adjustments are positively on the way for Leader.

Players appear to be divided about Leader’s impact as at present performed, although most really feel like he has an excessive amount of potential to fully warp or seal up a game.

That mentioned…

Still one other participant advised that Leader’s copy capability apply solely to playing cards in his location, as a substitute of all playing cards performed by the opponent.

The adjustments can be made in Marvel Snap’s subsequent patch; that cadence has been delayed nevertheless. Leader’s nerf got here to gentle when the patch notes made it out by Marvel Snap’s Korean model and group, prompting Brode’s reply.


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