Kirby creator Masahiro Sakurai sat on the sofa during the filming of his YouTube series, Creating Games

Masahiro Sakurai’s newest Creating Games video regarded on the growth of the 2003 GameDice racing game, Kirby Air Ride, together with its concentrate on the drift mechanic, and its tumultuous growth. This game was Sakurai’s final HAL Laboratories title earlier than leaving the corporate.

With the Kirby anime airing in Japan in 2001, Sakurai wished the franchise to have a “more robust” lineup of titles. This was in addition to the Game Boy Advance’s Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land and Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, in addition to a subsequently canceled Kirby GameDice title. Sakurai determined {that a} Kirby racing game can be faster to develop than a conventional motion game. The crew honed in on the premise “if drifting is fun, what can be done to make it more better?” Much of Kirby Air Ride’s design philosophy fixates on making drifting’s “squeeze and release” extra partaking.

At the time, Masahiro Sakurai was working as Chief Director of the Kirby collection, with directorship of titles led by different events. However, after a yr of flagging progress and reportedly on the request of the lead programmer, Sakurai returned as director of Kirby Air Ride. The game was subsequently completed in 3.5 months, helped by retaining a lot of artwork belongings.

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Accessibility and broad enchantment are frequent themes with Sakurai-led titles. This extends to Kirby Air Ride’s breadth of game modes and the Checklist function. This is an achievement system that gives a way of accomplishment with informal play by revealing achievement situations as gamers unlock milestones.

Sakurai famous it’s a separate entity from the canceled Nintendo 64 title, which was extra akin to a snowboarding game. However, there’s a seemingly lineage of concepts between the 2.

This video collection explored quite a few matters, together with accessibility choices in fashionable video games and even his cat, Fukurashi. The subsequent video will have a look at his first post-HAL Laboratories challenge, Q Entertainment’s Meteos.

Kirby Air Ride is out there on the Nintendo GameDice.


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