Fire Emblem Engage Zelkov

Nintendo shared some movies of Zelkov, a brand new character in Fire Emblem Engage. Zelkov is a royal soldier of the Kingdom of Elusia and Princess Ivy’s retainer. He is a quiet particular person who can simply turn out to be absorbed in what he’s doing. Everything he says sounds prefer it holds a hidden which means.

Zelkov’s beginning class is thief, just like one other social gathering member, Yunaka. Thieves are proficient with knives and are able to choosing locks. While his look could make individuals suppose he’s brooding and distant, Zelkov is definitely very pleasant to his allies.

In a scene with Alear, they talk about the which means behind having hobbies, passing the time, and his life philosophy. Alear factors that Zelkov is a really deep thinker, to which he remarks that to him that’s not the case. Even their dialog is only a approach of passing time and entertain himself.

Zelkov is voiced by Yu Taniguchi in the Japanese dub of Fire Emblem Engage. Taniguchi is credited with a number of roles dubbing international movies in Japan, together with additional characters in some anime sequence. This is his first main position in a video game title.

Fire Emblem Engage comes out for the Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023. You can pre-order now from the eShop.