Tempus members

The Tempus Adventurer’s Guild is increasing its affect. After teasing a brand new growth on January 4, 2023, the plans had been detailed extra totally. New Hololive Tempus Vtubers will be a part of the unit. Starting from January 7, 2023, the occasion will develop from its present 4 VTubers to eight. The unit will stay all-male, nonetheless.

Hololive Production launched a brand new teaser for the brand new Tempus members by way of the Holostars English YouTube channel. Each of the brand new streamers will maintain their debut stream on YouTube on January 7, 2023, revealing extra about themselves, their characters, and their plans.

The teaser exhibits the 4 unique members of Tempus going off on a journey, and bringing alongside some beforehand unrevealed members and assembly new buddies within the land of Xenokuni (or simply “Xeno”). An jap land of craftsmen, they meet new characters to affix the occasion. The trailer additionally options dialog and features from the prevailing Tempus characters, teasing situations that element their fictional first conferences.

The 4 new Tempus members are:

Gavis Bettel, a jester-like “fool” character. His design got here from artist Makoto Senzaki.

Machina X Flayon, the guild’s resident mecha pilot. His design comes from artist Shokuen.

Banzoin Hakka, an exorcist, hails from Xeno. His design comes from artist Airumu.

Josuiji Shinri, a ronin bowman. He was designed by artist Nitaka.

Here is the complete schedule for debuts:

  • Banzoin Hakka: 8pm PT/11pm ET on January 7, 2023
  • Gavis Bettel: 7pm PT/10pm ET on January 7, 2023
  • Josuiji Shinri: 10pm PT on January 7, 2023/1am ET on January 8, 2023
  • Machina x Flayon: 8pm PT/11pm ET on January 7, 2023

The first collab stream shall be held at 11pm PT on January 7, 2023/2am ET on January 8, 2023.

The new Holostars Tempus members will run their debut streams on January 7, 2023.


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