The two Persona 3 Portable protagonists over a green tinted Tartarus


The two Persona 3 Portable protagonists over a green tinted Tartarus

As quickly as you begin off in Persona 3 Portable, you’re requested a daunting query that no different Persona game asks you: Do you need to play as a girl or a boy? The reply doesn’t have an effect on the precise story, however what you select has a big impact on social hyperlinks, so you ought to choose correctly.

What’s the distinction between the female and male protagonist in Persona 3 Portable?

As the feminine protagonist, you can have social hyperlinks with the male group members and finally date them if you need. As the male protagonist, you can date the feminine group members, however you can’t reject them. You will find yourself relationship all of them if you full all their social hyperlinks.

Notably, if you choose the male essential character, you should not have any social hyperlinks with the male group members. Instead, their social hyperlinks are changed by NPC college students on the faculty. For instance, as the feminine character, the Star social hyperlink is teammate Akihiko Sanada, however as the male character, it’s pupil athlete Mamoru Hayase.

Also, if you choose the feminine protagonist, you can select between which Velvet Room attendant you need: Elizabeth or Theodore. (As the male protagonist, you are compelled to make use of Elizabeth.)

Some of the dialogue selections will even barely differ, however not one of the selections dramatically change the story.

The feminine protagonist makes use of a naginata and the male protagonist makes use of a sword, however they each deal slashing injury, so you don’t have to fret about any huge distinction in phrases of fight. They additionally each begin with the identical persona, Orpheus, which seems barely totally different relying on which gender you choose: It will get a palette swap and lengthy brown hair if you choose the feminine protagonist.

Which protagonist is canon in Persona 3 Portable?

Most gamers regard the male protagonist as the “canon” character, and you barely see the feminine protagonist represented in different video games. Lots of oldsters will advocate enjoying as the male protagonist throughout a first playthrough and revisiting Persona 3 Portable as the feminine protagonist for a second run. Don’t need to play a prolonged JRPG twice in a row? You are probably higher off enjoying as the feminine protagonist, if you need to expertise correct social hyperlinks with your whole teammates.

Persona 3 does have an prolonged model, akin to Persona 4 Golden and Personal 5 Royal, known as Persona 3 FES, however this isn’t the model that was ported to fashionable consoles. This is seen as the true canon model. You can solely play as the male protagonist in this model.

Persona 3 aficionados will word that you ought to play FES after which play as the feminine character in Persona 3 Portable simply to expertise the whole lot. The enchantment of Persona 3 Portable’s unique launch was the expanded social hyperlinks with the feminine protagonist (as properly as some quality-of-life adjustments), however this clearly isn’t the case anymore, because it’s the one model playable on fashionable consoles when it hits Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on Jan. 19.


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