A Dwarf Fortress embark location with improved graphics from mods.

A Dwarf Fortress embark location with improved graphics from mods.

Dwarf Fortress coming to Steam implies that community-created mods are simpler than ever to put in. These mods do every little thing from including new playable races to tweaking graphics to turning Dwarf Fortress into Pokémon.

Below, we’ll let you know learn how to discover and set up mods into your Dwarf Fortress game on Steam and listing our seven favorites.

How to put in Dwarf Fortress mods

Dwarf Fortress mods are put in by way of the Steam Workshop for the game. Browse by way of the choices there and subscribe to those you need.

Mods can solely be utilized in newly generated worlds — you possibly can solely activate them throughout world creation — so that you’ll want to begin a brand new fortress to make use of them. In the Create A New World display, click on on Mods within the backside proper.

A screenshot of the Dwarf Fortress mod options in the world creation screen.

You’ll see three columns right here — obtainable mods on the left, the default Vanilla mods within the center, and particulars about no matter you’re hover over on the precise (together with conflicts with different mods). Click the arrow subsequent to the mods you wish to activate, and so they’ll transfer into the middle column.

Click on Basic Options to return to the primary creation choices (the mods you selected will stay).

Interface Tweaks

The first mod we advocate is one referred to as Interface Tweaks by Trainzack. The important factor you’ll discover with this mod is that the keyboard hotkeys are listed on nearly each icon. Yes, the Steam model of Dwarf Fortress nonetheless requires a mouse, however this mod will make the keyboard much more helpful (and can assist veteran gamers bear in mind the brand new hotkeys).

It additionally provides some shade to the play and pause buttons. The shade scheme is pink and inexperienced, so not precisely probably the most accessible palette, however it ought to assist make them just a little clearer to most customers.

Detailed Landscapes

While the tiles of floor in Dwarf Fortress all seem like generic grass or cavern spots, there’s really an enormous number of vegetation and mushrooms. Detailed Landscapes by Poss provides graphics for 39 species.

The method Dwarf Fortress tiles and blends the graphics for floor is a bit convoluted for a mod to deal with, so this one isn’t at all times good — it seems just a little checker boarded — however seeing how wild the wilderness actually is provides a pleasant contact.

Rounded Hills and Reduced Z-Level Fog

A pair of visible mods, Rounded Hills by Poss and Reduced Z-Level Fog by Munashe are simply good to have if solely to melt the visuals of Dwarf Fortress. The Rounded Hills mod smooths out the sharp corners on the terrain ramps and makes it look just a little extra pure. The Reduced Z-Level Fog extends your capacity to see a couple of Z-levels deeper and truly see what’s going on in your world.

Whaleys Dogs

A Dwarf Fortress corgi added by the Whaleys Dogs mod.

They’re all good canine, so why not add some sprites to develop the visuals? The Whaleys Dogs mod by consumer Roseanne on DVD 2K19 provides graphics for eight new breeds of canine. None of the stats change, however, I imply, take a look at that corgi.

Let Dwarven Women Have Beards

This mod by Lielac does precisely what it says. Some dwarven girls have beards.

[Author’s note: Look, I did a quick Google to double-check something before I made a comment about Tolkien’s dwarves and … it’s A Whole Thing™ — as with most things Tolkien. So, instead, let’s just say that this mod isn’t so much an “accuracy” thing as it is about simply letting dwarven women have beards.]

War Possums

Look, there’s no method to not advocate War Possums by Elsie (with an honorable point out to War Geese by Mackeroni). War Possums provides (o)possums as a domesticated species — which suggests you possibly can select them at embark and, extra importantly, prepare them for warfare.


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