Los Angeles meals web site, LA Eater, has had the likelihood to go to the Toadstool Cafe which is a part of the upcoming Super Nintendo World attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood and have snapped some excellent photos. The restaurant opens to the normal public when Super Nintendo World opens its doorways on seventeenth February and consists of the Bowser’s Challenge trip, the 1-Up Factory, and naturally, the Toadstool Cafe. LA Eater says that the Toadstool Cafe takes its lovely design and eccletic menu from its sister restaurant the Kinopio’s Café at Osaka’s Universal Studios Japan. The Toadstool Cafe can accommodate 265 diners. 

“Universal is known for putting you in an immersive environment, usually from a film, but in this case, we’re actually going into a game. There was really never an option of saying, ‘We’re just going to serve chicken fingers or pizza.’ It was always the opportunity to do something special.”

“There are gamers, and there are people who kind of understand games, and then there are non-gamers. And the important part is no matter which one of those three categories you fall into, it’s all about immersing you in a magical environment and having a great time.” 

Jon Corfino, vice chairman of Universal Creative

Toadstool Cafe Gallery (click on picture to enlarge)



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