Zelda amiibo

French retailer FNAC has began restocking The Legend of Zelda-themed amiibo ahead of the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom which is at present scheduled to launch in May. As picked up by French Zelda fan-site Puissance Zelda the retailer has the whole inventory of Zelda amiibo replenished, which bodes effectively for different retailers round the world previous to Tears of the Kingdom’s launch on twelfth May. It needs to be famous that whereas the amiibo are displaying as in inventory, they gained’t truly be launched till third February.

  • Super Smash Bros. sequence
    • Link – No. 5
    • Zelda – No. 13
    • Link Cartoon- No. 22
    • Sheik – No. 23
    • Ganondorf – No. 41
    • Child hyperlink – No. 70
  • The Legend of Zelda’s Tstieth Anniversary Series
    • Link – Pixel
    • Link – Ocarina of Time
    • Link – The Wind Waker
    • Zelda – The Wind Waker
  • Breath of the Wild sequence
    • Link archer
    • Link on horseback
    • Zelda
    • Guardian
    • Bokoblin
  • The Legend of Zelda sequence
    • Link – Majora’s Mask
    • Link – Twilight Princess
    • Wolf hyperlink – Twilight Princess
    • Link – Skyward Sword
    • Zelda – Skyward Sword
    • Link – Link’s Awakening



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