Days of Doom

Atari and developer Sneakybox have introduced Days of Doom, an apocalyptic turn-based tactical roguelite. The game hopes to subvert the expectations of those that are uninterested in the brown and grey colour palettes of different apocalypse settings by inserting the motion over vibrant and colourful backdrops as you battle by means of hordes of zombies, raiders, and mutant lizards. 

Navigating the wasteland to succeed in a sanctuary would require technique, as you need to fight the encroaching mutated forces utilizing your group of distinct survivors. Beyond the turn-based ways at play, you need to additionally handle your scarce assortment of assets and preserve your wits about you as you maneuver by means of the hordes of the undead.


Each of the eight survivor courses options distinctive skills that can be utilized to shift your fortunes in battle. For instance, the Pyro class lets you burn enemies and go away them with residual injury every flip whereas combining the Hydromancer with the Thrasher can drench enemies with water earlier than electrocuting them for a devastating synergy. Players might want to use these skills to their benefit and assume strategically with these skills to beat the seemingly insurmountable odds.

And, after all, with it being a roguelite game, gamers can count on every run to really feel distinctive. More than 50 randomly occurring occasions current risk-reward eventualities for gamers throughout their runs, whereas greater than 70 collectible gadgets and runes may also help you flip the chances in your favor in your given run. However, as you play a number of runs and make progress, you unlock everlasting upgrades, reminiscent of occasion dimension will increase and useful resource accumulation velocity.

If you’d prefer to be taught extra, you may try the reveal trailer under.

Days of Doom arrives on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and Atari VCS later this yr.