Genshin Impact Kirara Trailer Shows Off Her Moveset

Now that Kirara joined the Genshin Impact solid, HoYoVerse shared a Collected Miscellany video for her. These are movies devoted to displaying off new characters’ moveset and talents. As standard, Yuri “Dainsleif” Lowenthal acts as narrator going over what folks can anticipate from the four-star Dendro swordswoman.

After introducing Kirara, Dainsleif begins by mentioning how her Exploration Talent retains animals from working from the celebration. This makes it simpler to get chilled meat, fowl, or uncooked meat. From there, the video seems to be extra intently on the assaults in her moveset. It reveals her Boxcutter Normal Attack, a Meow-teor Kick Elemental Skill that may also be held for quicker motion and journey, and her Secret Art: Surprise Dispatch Elemental Burst AOE assault. It additionally brings up her Passive talents, which might add further Shield of Safe Transport or assault buffs

Here’s the complete “Collected Miscellany – Kirara: Meow-mentous Speed” trailer.

As a four-star, folks will have the ability to get Kirara in Genshin Impact on a regular basis. However, she is a spotlight unit on the Yae Miko and Yoimiya banners, which suggests it will likely be simpler to get her till these finish on June 13, 2023.

Genshin Impact is obtainable for the PS4, PS5, PC, and cellular units, and Kirara is now a everlasting a part of the gacha.