Splatoon 3 Sizzle Season Catalog


Nintendo launched extra particulars about what Splatoon 3 gamers can count on within the upcoming Sizzle Season. This included two extra weapons added to Ammo Knights, in addition to a video displaying them. There’s additionally one other Splatoon 3 video that confirmed the gear that may be obtained by the catalog.

The new weapons added with Splatoon 3’s Sizzle Season embrace the H-3 Nozzlenose D and the Rapid Blaster Pro Deco. The H-3 Nozzlenose D is a brand new variant of the H-3 Nozzlenose shooter, with a Splash Wall sub weapon and a Big Bubbler particular. The Rapid Blaster Pro Deco is a variant of the Rapid Blaster with an Angle Shooter sub weapon and a Killer Wail 5.1 particular. Previous confirmed weapons for Sizzle Season embrace the Painbrush and S-BLAST ’92.

As at all times new gear might be unlocked with the Sizzle Season catalog. Here’s what Splatoon 3 gamers can unlock this season:


  • Barrelfish Home Helmet
  • Crust Bucket Visor
  • Seashell Bamboo Hat
  • Do-Rag, Cap & Glasses
  • Cap’n Cap
  • Stealth Squidbeak Shield
  • Noise Cancelers
  • Glam Clam Specs


  • White Retro Tee
  • Takaroka Tandem
  • Black Ranger Vest
  • Lyco-P Streetstyle Tee
  • Hype Stripe Button Up
  • Annaki Anchored Coat
  • Umibozu Road Jersey
  • Takaroka Nineties Nylon
  • Indigo Boss Haori


  • Hyper Guppies
  • White Lo-Vert Hi-Tops
  • Pro Trail Boots
  • Tenya OctoPurps
  • Annaki Strappy Sandals
  • Dappled Hammertreads
  • Arrow Toesies Purp
  • Icy Down Boots

Here’s the complete Splatoon 3 Sizzle Season catalog video:

The catalog additionally incorporates a number of locker gadgets all primarily based on Nintendo consoles, together with the Play & Observe (Game & Watch), See-Through Game Youth (Game Boy) and the Eight-Squared Game System (N64).

Splatoon 3 is obtainable now for Nintendo Switch. Sizzle Season begins on June 1, 2023.