Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Great Tusk and Iron Treads Tera Raids Suspended

People are inspired to keep away from the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Chesnaught, Great Tusk, and Iron Treads Tera Raids. Nintendo introduced on Twitter that there’s a bug that would trigger gamers’ issues. Specifically, those that began participating when the Paradox Pokemon raids appeared reported that not all rewards would seem, with one exhibiting as “none,” and the game crashing. It additionally cautioned us that if we see the three Raids within the game, to not partici

Here is the official announcement:

While this does imply individuals can’t take part in Tera Raids to get Great Tusk and Iron Treads in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, each are slightly available in every video games. Both will be discovered within the Area Zero endgame location alongside different Paradox Pokemon. However, you’ll solely see Great Tusk in Pokemon Scarlet, and Iron Treads is proscribed to Pokemon Violet.

However, it’s in any other case unattainable to get Chesnaught in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It and different starters have solely been out there by way of these particular Tera Raid occasions.

When an identical concern arose previously, Nintendo supplied a rerun of the mounted raids. This occurred with the Paradox Pokemon Walking Wake and Iron Leaves.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be found for the Nintendo Switch.