Nintendo revealed extra details about the new Splatoon 3 weapon – the S-BLAST ’92. Revealed as a part of the Sizzle Season anouncement, the new weapon is a Blaster primarily based on the Super Scope peripheral launched for the SNES.

This new Splatoon 3 weapon has been confirmed to have two completely different firing modes. On the floor, the S-BLAST ’92 has a long-range shot with a small blast. If you soar, nevertheless, the shot will likely be a lot shorter, however have a a lot bigger blast. The video launched on the official Splatoon account additionally confirmed that the weapon’s equipment can even embrace the Sprinkler sub-weapon and the Reefslider particular.

The S-BLAST ’92 is notable for taking its design from the Super Scope, initially launched for the SNES. As the Splatoon 3 weapon’s title suggests, it launched in 1992 in North America and Europe. It was supported by video games reminiscent of Yoshi’s Safari and Battle Clash. The Super Scope was most lately seen in the Super Smash Bros collection as a random merchandise drop.

It’s not the first time Splatoon has used a real-world mild gun peripheral as a foundation for a weapon both. Past Splatoon video games have featured the N-ZAP weapons, which have been primarily based on the NES Zapper, used for video games reminiscent of Duck Hunt.

Splatoon 3 is out now for the Nintendo Switch. Sizzle Season kicks off on June 1, 2023.