Street Fighter 6 “How to Play” Marisa Video Shows Her Scutum Attack

Right on time, Capcom shared one other “how to play as” Street Fighter 6 character video, with Marisa as the most recent star. The clip follows the same old sample. This means the primary elements concentrate on her common talents and the way to use her, then it zeroes in on a particular assault. In this case, it reveals how somebody may use “Scutum” in a match.

While the start of the trailer describes Marisa as a “powerhouse” in Street Fighter 6, the majority of the video focuses on her Scutum assault. It reveals how it may be used each as an aggressive transfer to assault an opponent, or as a reactionary one to punish somebody as they fight to assault her. At the top of the trailer, she performs a bridal keep it up Ryu, displaying it isn’t an motion reserved for Zangief.

The final (*6*) video starred one other Street Fighter 6 newcomer: Manon.

In addition to the (*6*) Marisa video, two extra Street Fighter 6 trailers appeared. One is a “Your Story” trailer. It focuses on character motivations and storylines, beginning with Ryu telling his story. It appeared throughout the May 2023 PlayStation Showcase.

The different video is a launch trailer. It stars Lil’ Wayne and options plenty of gameplay clips set alongside actual world segments with individuals partaking in Street Fighter-related actions.

Street Fighter 6 will seem on the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC on June 2, 2023. It may even present up in arcades.