Oshi no Ko Yoasobi Idol

YOASOBI premiered an English model of its hit “Idol,” which serves because the opening of the anime Oshi no Ko. You can watch it by way of YouTube. As of the time of writing, the English model of “Idol” already handed over 605,000 views.

Ayase nonetheless performs the vocals, and the animations for the music video are the identical. Doga Kobo, who animated the Oshi no Ko anime, additionally labored on the music video for the opening. Konnie Aoki is the one who translated the lyrics and, with BFNK, directed the vocals.

We can watch the music video for the English model of “Idol” by way of the YOASOBI YouTube account right here:

The Japanese model of “Idol” was very talked-about, because it achieved over 23 million views inside every week. Currently, it’s been a month since YOASOBI uploaded the music video onto YouTube, and it has over 119 million views now.

Oshi no Ko is a well-liked anime and manga sequence concerning the idol business, although with a homicide thriller twist. It follows the story of Aquamarine Hoshino, who’s the son of idol Ai Hoshino. He can also be really the reincarnation of gynecologist Gorou Amamiya. He and his twin Ruby (additionally a reincarnation) each enter present enterprise for various causes

Oshi no Ko is accessible to observe on HIDIVE, and the English dub began airing from May 24, 2023.