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Here’s how Bungie comes up with Destiny’s wacky weapon names

Bungie is known for making shooters, creating countless in-game guns over the years. In the Halo series, weapons had simple names: assault rifle, battle rifle, magnum. The most creatively named weapon in the first Halo was the Needler, and it only took a cursory glance at the gun to figure out how Bungie came up with that one.

Nintendo deletes level from top Mario Maker 2 player for mysterious reasons

Any Mario Maker 2 player will tell you that Twitch streamer GrandPooBear is one of the game’s biggest ambassadors. Not only is he dedicated to playing, making, and highlighting the best Mario levels out there, GrandPooBear also does a ton to introduce new players to the game. But Nintendo seems determined to hound him.

SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays Adds In Rouei, Graze Ein, Mars Jacket, And More

Previews for this week’s issue of Famitsu have gone up, and they reveal a few extra units coming to SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays.

A Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night Survey Asking For Opinions About Paid Cosmetic DLC Has Emerged

 People can change Miriam’s appearance in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night by having her hair cut or equipping certain accessories and items. Now, ArtPlay and 505 Games are wondering if people would want to pay for even more options. A Bloodstained Cosmetic DLC Poll has been shared via Twitter, asking for people’s opinions on possible add-ons.

Premature Evaluation: Griftlands

Developer: Klei Entertainment Publisher: Klei EntertainmentRelease: Out now (early access) On: Windows From: Epic Store Price: £11.50/$15/€12.50

Watch Dogs: Legion spec work is “utterly voluntary”, Ubisoft shrug and recommend

Ubisoft have defended their decision to source some of Watch Dogs: Legion‘s soundtrack through spec work, saying it’s “completely voluntary” for fans to create music hoping Ubi might pick it and pay them for their work. Ubi announced this “opportunity” last week, saying they will put ten fan-made tracks into the game. I suppose it is voluntary, as much as any other work is voluntary. My main objection isn’t even that Ubisoft are seeking spec work for their big-budget game, it’s that they’re using spec work as marketing to build brand engagement. They’re encouraging exploitative labour practices with a goal not much different to a competition offering Watch Dogs t-shirts as prizes for drawing cool hackers.


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