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Activision Seeking Identity of Modern Warfare Battle Royale Leaker

Activision has filed a Digital Millennium Copyright Act subpoena against Reddit in pursuit of the identity of a leaker who posted artwork from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s unannounced battle royale mode, Warzone. The specific image in question (see above) seems to be part of an internal document, which means that only an Activision or an Infinity Ward employee could have leaked it.
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    Action-packed Rainbow Six Siege cinematic represents evolution of the franchise

    Who is the best of the best? Right before the Grand Finals of last week's Rainbow Six Siege Six Invitational tournament, Ubisoft Montreal debuted a CGI mini-movie to culminate both Year 4 and the end of the recent in-game event "Road To S.I." The exciting clip not only adds a little more to the ongoing Siege lore but also seems to shift both the tone and focus of the online shooter in a whole new direction. During the six-minute Tournament of Champions cinematic, two teams taken from Siege's 50+ roster compete in a typical five-on-five face-off. The Attackers are comprised of Sledge, Thatcher, Hibana, Blitz, and Dokkabei, while the Defending team features Mira, Pulse, Doc, Mozzie, and everyone's favourite sociopath, Caveira. Throughout this intense, hard-hitting showdown, the operators are working together -- yet against each other -- to essentially "win" a sporting event, held before a screaming crowd of thousands in an abandoned Roman arena. A literal site of gladiatorial competition.

    A Street Cat’s Tale set to claw at your Switch’s heartstrings this March

    GIVE THIS KITTY A HOME YOU MONSTERS I've been reporting on the public nuisance that is cats for quite some time now, so it should come as no surprise that I'm back to alert the world to another cat-astrophic video game. This time, however, things take a slightly sadder turn as we're dealing with homeless kitties. They don't have homes! How could that not make you sad?

    Othercide is a horror-tinged tactical RPG from Focus Home

    I don't know what I'm even looking at here, but it's cool I can't say I've ever seen a tactical role-playing game that looks like Othercide.

    Doc McCoy rides into town with Desperados III this summer

    After the shower the sun will be shining Following on from its previous 2019 delay, THQ Nordic has announced that wild west strategy sequel Desperados III will finally mosey on into town this summer, raising hell in a hand-basket on PS4, PC and Xbox One. As a quick refresher, Desperados is an old west variant of the classic Commandos series, and tasks players with completing a campaign of challenging missions. each requiring the use of uniquely-skilled characters. This part must work in synergy to complete acts of espionage, robbery, assassination, and sabotage. The first two Desperados games launched on PC in the early '00s, so this sequel, developed by Mimimi Productions, has been a long time coming.

    Stela arrives on PC and Nintendo Switch in March

    A weird walk through a decaying world SkyBox Labs stylistic platform adventure Stela will be making its way to PC and Nintendo Switch in just a couple of weeks, following on from its October release on the Apple Arcade and Xbox One platforms. For those of you who missed out, Stela is an abstract adventure which follows a lonely woman's journey through a collapsing fantasy world, filled with surreal, dangerous creatures and bleakly beautiful landscapes. Not dissimilar to titles such as Gris and Limbo, Stela is a disquieting journey, equally creepy and captivating. You can check out CJ Andriessen's review right here.

    Darius Cozmic Collection arrives on PS4 in Japan March 5

    Cozmic Krooze'r The old-school arcade-heads at Taito have announced that classic shmup collection Darius Cozmic Collection will be available to download on PS4 (via the Japanese PSN store) on March 5. The Darius Cozmic Collection will be available in two formats - "Arcade" and "Console" - with the former containing several arcade titles from the Darius franchise while the latter concentrates on the home released that were ported to consoles such as the Super Famicom and the PC Engine.

    I don’t think I can resist Subnautica: Below Zero any longer

    It's the final chance to play the story in its 'current form' It's getting harder and harder to put off playing Subnautica: Below Zero, a game I know I'll immediately fall in love with but would ideally rather dive into once it's finished and out of Early Access. I'm at the point now where I'm even considering starting up a fresh save in the original game – I'm that far gone!

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season two has a big first day

    Ghost, Rust, and a Ground War map called Zhokov Boneyard Season two of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare begins February 11, 2020, and along with the fan-favorite British special forces operator Ghost, the initial update also includes a remake of CoD: MW2's Rust. The update is coming in at a substantial 68GB on PC and Xbox One, and 51GB on PS4, so be warned.

    The hyperkinetic Sayonara Wild Hearts is headed to Xbox One next week

    Play with the hand you've been dealt... Great news for Xbox fans, as Annapurna Interactive has announced that its gorgeous, emotive, and utterly unique musical odyssey Sayonara Wild Hearts is headed to the Xbox One platform next week. Sayonara Wild Hearts wowed critics and fans when it launched for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and iOS devices back in September 2019. Players control a steel-hearted woman, on a fast, action-packed, and visually stunning trip through the light fantastic, with each stage representing a track from Daniel Olsén and Jonathan Eng's brilliant score. Sayonara Wild Hearts was one of the most fascinating titles of 2019, better experienced than explained.

    Must Read

    Netflix has announced The Witcher  Season 2 is officially in production, reveals cast

    The Witcher has become one of Netflix’s most popular original shows and I suspect that many of you are eagerly awaiting season 2. The company announced last night that season 2 is currently in production and revealed some of the cast members who will make an appearance. Have a look below to see whether you spot anyone familiar.

    EVE Online will let you hide a frigate inside your battleship, for emergencies

    Dang it, you’ve sunk my battleship. It’s fine, it had a smaller boat inside it all along. No, that’s definitely how the game Battleships work. I know what I’m talking about. Time was in EVE Online, losing your spaceship meant losing the fight. But CCP are mixing up intergalactic PVP by announcing new Frigate Escape Bays – getting you back in the fight by turning some of New Eden’s biggest ships into starfaring matryoshka dolls.

    Create and explore bizarre stock image landscapes with Sok-Worlds

    Dreams? Never heard of it. Media Molecule’s swish toolset might be locked down to PlayStation folks, but those rascals at Dutch indie collective Sokpop have already given us one better. The latest entry in their twice-monthly release catalogue is Sok-Worlds, a set-dressing toy for making and exploring 3D simple collages. Who needs modelling, scripting and animation tools when Google image search is sitting right there, anyway?