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The htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary iOS and Android Ports Have Launched

Another htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary port has arrived. This one has launched without much fanfare, but it offers a new opportunity for more people to play through the game. The Firefly Diary iOS and Android ports lets it go mobile again, though its hardly the first time. After all, the game did debut on the PlayStation Vita.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Feels Like a Fraction of a More Intricate Vision

With each new console generation, there are new accomplishments and developments that allow creators to do more with their games. Maybe they have more money or time to get things done. Perhaps a creation is less of a risk and can draw from new ideas to offer a different sort of experience than originally expected. Back in 1997, when Final Fantasy VII was first released, it was a feat for its time. It told a story that generations have fallen in love with and it holds up. With Final Fantasy VII Remake, we have a situation where Square Enix could return, reinvest in a proven entity, and perhaps create something that attempts to do more with the source material and create an experience that builds on it.

Cyberpunk 2077’s faction The Mox protect sex workers from violence

CD Projekt Red’s tech dystopia FPS Cyberpunk 2077 is expected out later this year. Ye olde marketing machine seems to be getting its gears turning again and CDPR have today posted about one of the gangs that you’ll find in Night City. The Mox are a group that CDPR say “protect working girls and guys from violence and abuse,” specifically sex workers like their in-game inspiration Elizabeth Borden.

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead’s big update is the perfect excuse to play it again

I am in terrible danger. The last time I wrote substantially about the zombie survival sim Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, I described it as “a roguelike you could play for the rest of your life”. That was over three years ago, and it’s been expanded slowly but constantly since then.

Minecraft’s Nether update will have music by Celeste’s composer

I’ve not played Minecraft heavily in several years now, so when I logged in recently I was surprised by some new tunes as I walked about pestering livestock. There are even more new tracks coming in the sandbox game’s big Nether Update, this time created by composer Lena Raine whose excellent sounds you may have heard in Celeste. You can check these tunes out now in the newest Minecraft test version snapshot.

Here are the first minutes of Hello Games’ The Last Campfire

Hello Games are of course the folks behind giant space sandbox No Man’s Sky, so their next game, The Last Campfire, came as quite a surprise when it was announced in 2018. It’s a much smaller game, not nearly an entire universe, about a little traveler named Ember. Hello have now shared a new video to tell us more about the adventure puzzler that’s due out this summer.

Please enjoy Justin Bieber’s new house put into 90s strategy games

Earlier this week the social medias went wild over pictures of Justin Bieber’s giant plastic mansion-hole. People were saying it looked like the Marvel Avengers HQ. This is the most incorrect thing I have ever heard. It clearly looks like something you’d see made out of empty Müller Corners and Fairy Liquid bottles on three successive episodes of Blue Peter.

Twitch are clarifying their rules about nudity again

Here we go again, Twitch are attempting to clarify their oft-confusing Nudity And Attire Policy which they’ve historically struggled to apply consistently. This time around, Twitch are spelling out which body parts are considered too naughty for streaming instead of attempting to regulate based on types of clothing. That does seem like an improvement. “Cleavage is unrestricted,” in case you were wondering, but pelvic areas are still a no-no.