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Video: Check Out The Character Types Spotlight For Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing allows you to choose between three player types — Speed, Technique and Power. You can learn the advantages and weaknesses of each type in the latest trailer for the upcoming racing game, which you can check out in the embedded video below. Team Sonic Racing is set to launch this coming Tuesday, May 21, across multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch.

This Week In Imports: Team Sonic Races Against Resident Evil Ports

The star this week is Team Sonic Racing, the latest game in the Sumo Digital-developed racing spinoffs. This time, Sonic and his friends are going ahead without their Sega allies for a team-based racing game where all three team members must work together in order to score a high average placement, via various new techniques.

The Detective Pikachu Movie Is #1 At The International Box Office For The Second Weekend In A Row

It has been nothing but success for the Detective Pikachu movie. For the second weekend in a row, the movie has topped the international box office. Detective Pikachu received $53,800,000 from 72 foreign markets, and it has now earned $193,400,000 overseas. Since its launch earlier this month, Detective Pikachu has earned $287,400,000 worldwide.

A Celeste Dev Has Confirmed That There Will Be Some New Story In The Free “Farewell” DLC

Celeste‘s dev team have been spending this year teasing the game’s upcoming DLC. The DLC, which is called “Farewell”, will add a 9th chapter to the game for free and release on multiple platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. Developer Matt Thorson and composer Lena Raine have tweeted more details about the content to come. Not only will the DLC have some story, but it will have a lot of music. The two tweets can be seen down below.

Linux Gaming News Punch – Episode 13, your weekly round-up podcast is right here

Grab a cup of coffee and come listen to some news you may have missed over the last week or so, as the Linux Gaming News Punch - Episode 13 has arrived.

Nippon Ichi Software Reportedly In Financial Hot Water With Employees Unable To Be Paid

News has come from various Japanese news outlets that Nippon Ichi Software, the studio behind the Disgaea series and other titles like Destiny Connect, Yomawari, and more, is in financial trouble and allegedly need funding to pay employees. [Thanks, Gamebiz.jp!]


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Mortal Kombat 11 could get 30 fps cap eliminated for fatalities and the Krypt

Certain parts of Mortal Kombat 11 are capped at 30 frames per second, meaning you lose the silky smooth 60+ fps look during some of its more spectacular moments, such as fatalities and final blows. Developer NetherRealm Studios says it’s looking into raising that cap to 60 fps, but they don’t know if or when it’ll be implemented.

Civ 6 gamers are constructing Wonders in-game whereas visiting them in actual life

May 20, 2019 A fan has traveled to Chichen Itza to build the Pyramid of Kukulcan on their laptop.

Report: Activision has put Treyarch accountable for 2020’s Call of Duty title

Next year’s annual Call of Duty will be a Black Ops title, with Treyarch taking the lead role in development, according to a new report based on sources familiar with the series’ development. Activision has taken developers Raven and Sledgehammer out of the lead development role and directed Treyarch to use existing work to develop a new title in the Black Ops series.

Overwatch set to carry three-year anniversary celebration

Overwatch is turning three years old this summer, and in accordance with tradition will celebrate the date with a three-week anniversary event that brings back all the seasonal brawls and loot from the past.

A dying fan acquired to play Total War: Three Kingdoms early

A Total War fan dying of cancer was given a chance to play the upcoming Three Kingdoms early, thanks to Creative Assembly noticing his brother’s post on Reddit.

Dungeons 3’s closing DLC pits you towards the evil narrator

Dungeons 3 is just about ready to wrap up its long-running DLC program, and for the final piece of additional content, it’s pitting you against the game’s own narrator. It’s called Famous Last Words, and features a new, fully-voiced campaign, three new maps, and a new boss – the narrator himself.