Death Stranding Like System Will Inject Positivity Into the Experience

During Death Stranding’s nearly hour long Tokyo Game Show 2019 demo, Kojima Productions showed the game’s asynchronous multiplayer. Most notably, the function of the “like” system was put on display. For example, if one player leaves behind a ladder to cross over a chasm, when another passerby stumbles upon it later, the passerby can “like” the ladder. According to Hideo Kojima, this won’t tangibly add to the experience. As such, players shouldn’t expect XP or any other kind of in-game reward for giving or receiving likes. It is meant to inject positivity into the overall experience.

NBA 2K20 Sales Top the EMEAA Charts During Its Launch Week

Despite the controversy surrounding its gambling features, NBA 2K20 soared to the top of the EMEAA (Europe Middle East Africa and Asia) charts during its launch week, proving yet again that money talks. This might not come as a huge surprise, since the NBA 2K series always performs well from a commercial standpoint. If you were expecting the series to be negatively impacted by its implementation of gambling-like mechanics, you’re in for a surprise.

Kojima Says a Death Stranding Sequel Might Happen

Death Stranding isn’t out yet. It doesn’t release until November 8, 2019, but that isn’t stopping the Director Hideo Kojima from discussing the possibility of a sequel. Kojima has mentioned that Death Stranding is the start of a new genre, the “Strand” genre, and he wants to make sure people are aware of it. Kojima has stated that he wants to keep it going with a sequel. We aren’t totally clear on what the genre will entail, but we do know the game will heavily emphasize making connections, with the goal of bringing people together.

Nioh Sales Numbers Continues Closing in on 3 Million Units Worldwide

Nioh 2 may now be the talk of the town, but the franchise’s original entry is still receiving a lot of love. That love is especially being felt on the market. According to Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad, the first Nioh title’s shipments have passed a total 2.75 million.

Borderlands 3 Sales at Retail Have the Best Launch of 2019...

When Days Gone hit the PlayStation 4 in April, it quickly became 2019’s best retail launch title in the UK. Nothing’s been able to take its crown since then, until Borderlands 3 came along. According to, Borderlands 3 landed on the UK charts last week to become “the biggest boxed launch of the year.” For now, there’s no word on how well the latest Gearbox title performed overall, since digital sale have not yet been tallied.

An Open Nioh 2 Beta Will Go Live on the PlayStation...

Similar to Nioh before it, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja will allow players to try Nioh 2 months ahead of the game’s release. This trial run for the sequel will consist of an open beta on the PlayStation Store, which will kick off on November 1st. Koei Tecmo plans to end Nioh 2’s open beta several days later on November 10th.

Filming for the Mortal Kombat Reboot Movie Has Officially Kicked Off

Since Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema announced the film’s release date, it’s been clear shooting for the Mortal Kombat reboot would begin later in 2019. Things have kicked into high gear a little earlier than some may have expected, however. According to the project’s scriptwriter, Greg Russo, filming in Australia began over the weekend.

PS4 Sales United States Have Crossed the 30 Million Mark

Back in July 2019, Sony revealed the PlayStation 4 had shipped a total of 100 million units worldwide since its late 2013 launch. It is a fascinating feat, placing the console in an incredibly exclusive club of other video game hardware. But where was it the greatest success? Unsurprisingly, the United States is the PS4’s largest market worldwide. According to Daniel Ahmad, a Niko Partners analyst, PS4 sales in the United States have crossed the 30 million mark.

The unavoidable reality behind NBA 2K20’s avoidable microtransactions

About a week into NBA 2K20, my favorite pastime inside The Neighborhood, the game’s richly detailed, MMO-like hub world, is simply people watching. You can tell a lot about folks by comparing their fashion choices — or lack thereof — against the biographical card that pops up underneath everyone you meet.

Modern Warfare Ground War Mode Will Be Added to Next Open...

Infinity Ward has announced via Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta‘s in-game Message of the Day (thanks, Charlie INTEL) that it’ll be adding the 32 versus 32 Ground War mode next weekend. Starting Saturday, September 21st, the game will enter open beta on all platforms.

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