Valve Says Left 4 Dead 3 Isn't In the Works, Calls...

Recently, some rumors have circulated pertaining to the development of Left 4 Dead 3, with some alleged sources stating it was being worked on by Valve. It sprang up as part of an HTC presentation, paired with Half-Life: Alyx, which created some speculation that it might be a VR release. However, this information is untrue. Left 4 Dead 3 is not being developed—for PS4, VR, or otherwise—as confirmed by Valve itself. IGN reached out to the developer for comment, with the intention of clearing up some of the recent claims.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Team Currently Working on Something 'Different'

We’ll be getting something different out of the team that brought us Dragon Quest Builders 2, according to its producer Takuma Shiraishi. As discussed in a recent issue of V-Jump magazine, Shiraishi-san says we’ll have to wait a while for its official announcement, though. It’s unclear if this project is Dragon Quest-related, if it will take place in another Square Enix universe, or if it’s something entirely new. What is clear is that it won’t be another Builders game, despite the positive reception to the most recent entry in the spin-off series.

PlayStation Store Sale Drops the Price of Dozens of Titles Below...

Yesterday, Sony shut the door on one due to a number of recent delay announcements.[Source: PlayStation Blog]

PS5 Controller Could Have Built-In Microphone for Voice Commands

The PS5 controller (almost certainly called DualShock 5) could have a built-in microphone, according to a recent Sony patent. The patent was spotted by a Reddit user yesterday, pointing to what to possibly expect from Sony’s next controller. A patent sketch shows a mic beneath the touchpad, which could allow for voice commands.

Marvel's Iron Man VR Delayed to Meet 'High Expectations'

It’s Friday, but the week of delays isn’t finished just yet. Marvel’s Iron Man VR is also getting pushed, moving from February to May 15, 2020. The extra development time will allow the team at Camouflaj the opportunity to better work towards meeting “high expectations.”

CD Projekt RED Crunch is Happening After Cyberpunk 2077 Delay

Yesterday, CD Projekt RED announced plans to push Cyberpunk 2077’s release out of April and into September. This delay of several months means much more time to see the project through to completion, to ensure the team delivers the best product possible. The extra development time does not necessarily equate to things slowing down, however. In fact, the studio will still engage in crunch in an effort to finish the game on time for its launch later in the year.

Call of Duty Sales Dominate Best-Selling Titles of the Decade

The decade spanning 2010 to 2019 was a big one for games. A new generation of consoles partway through offered somewhat of a paradigm shift. This appears to be reflected in game sales, especially compared to the decade ending in 2009. When looking at the United States’ top 10 best-sellers of the last several years, an unmistakable pattern takes shape. Most notably, Rockstar-developed titles and Call of Duty games dominated year in and year out.

Iron Man VR delayed to May

The PlayStation VR game that will let players slip into Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit needs more time in the lab. Developer Camouflaj announced on Friday that Marvel’s Iron Man VR has been delayed to May 15. Previously, the PlayStation VR exclusive was expected on Feb. 28.

I’m playing Stardew Valley as Ernest Hemingway and I finally learned...

Fishing is the worst part of Stardew Valley. That’s OK, because Stardew Valley is an extremely good game. On the positive — or maybe negative — side, it has an addictive 12-minute day/night cycle that regularly tricks me into playing for hours longer than I mean to. It has perfect sound effects, the music is soothing, and the storylines are touching. Being the worst part of a nearly perfect game isn’t a bad thing to be.

Destiny 2’s latest hotfix ‘fixes’ Wish-ender and some annoying bugs

Destiny 2’s first new patch in 2020 fixes some nasty bugs, and reverts a beloved weapon back to its original power level.

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