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Take-Two: Marketing Spending Estimates Not for Grand Theft Auto VI

Yesterday we reported on an SEC filing that pointed to drastically increased spending (more than double) for Take-Two during fiscal year 2024 (year period ending March 31, 2024). Analysts estimate that the massive marketing spend was related to the planned release of one of Take-Two’s biggest tentpole franchises: Grand Theft Auto VI. The publisher, however, is now denying these reports, saying that its FY2024 budget estimates—and more broadly, the SEC filing for five years worth of estimates—are for third-party obligations unrelated to Grand Theft Auto VI or any first-party marketing budgets within the company. That would include anything from Rockstar, which is owned by Take-Two.

Watch PlayStation's The Last of Us Part II State of Play Right Here

Reports of a PS5 event finally solidifying next week are surfacing, but Sony has one more major event to clear before it can start talking next-gen. Today’s State of Play is entirely focused on The Last of Us Part II, including an extended gameplay segment; eight minutes of all-new footage. This is the second time Sony has done a State of Play centered around a single game, the first being last week’s Ghost of Tsushima stream. Sony is clearly giving the final two major PS4 exclusives a big push before turning its attention to what’s coming in just five months or so.

Marvels Avengers Gameplay and Co-Op Will Be Shown Off on June 24th

It’s been a while since Crystal Dynamics shared new footage of expected to release later for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Developer Working With 2K to Address Mafia 2 Definitive Edition Bugs

The launch of Mafia Trilogy was an exciting affair for fans of the long-running franchise. Finally, Mafia II is available on current-gen hardware, with the original Mafia slated to launch as a remake in August (and Mafia III with all its DLC rounding out the package). However, as the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold. Mafia II: Definitive Edition is replete with technical issues. The game often chugs when driving, some cutscenes have the strangest of glitches, and frame rate problems are frequent. Why 2K and co. released the project in this state is anyone’s guess, but fixes and updates are incoming.

Throwdown With the Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection

SNK has tried their hardest to make the NeonGeo live on into the future. Like clockwork, releases from the past glory of SNK appear on new devices. Mini devices rear their heads and come in the form of tiny arcade cabinets of debatable quality. Not forgetting the past is important, especially when it comes to one of SNK’s most beloved franchises, Samurai Shodown. For many, the one on one samurai fighter was their first taste of non-Capcom fighting glory and one of the first times weapon-based combat was used in a fighter. If you’re looking to throw down in some Shodown then this new Samurai Showdown NeoGeo Collection is yours for the taking, coming on July 28 for $39.99 on the PlayStation 4.

Captain Price Playable Operator Teased in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season Four

The fourth season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone is coming in just under a week, set to kick off on June 3, 2020. To start teasing what’s coming next, Activision and Infinity Ward are reminding players of the story so far and what’s brought things to this point, where the famed Captain Price himself is stepping back onto the battlefield, finally letting players pick him as an Operator in the upcoming season four battle pass.

There's a Resident Evil Announcement Happening June 10

The summer of disparate game announcements continues. After E3 exploded was mishandled, canceled due to COVID-19, and then failed to produce any kind of online digital show as a replacement, developers and publishers have taken it upon themselves to set their own announcement dates and schedules. Lining right up with when E3 2020 would have been had a pandemic and mismanagement not gotten in the way, Capcom apparently has some kind of Resident Evil announcement happening on June 10.

Fast and Furious Crossroads Gameplay Unveils August Release Date

Remember that Fast & Furious game that served as the big reveal for 2019’s The Game Awards? Well, it’s still trucking along. The new title from Slightly Mad Studios will not launch this month as previously scheduled, however. Fast & Furious Crossroads is now slated to hit the PlayStation 4, PC via Steam, and Xbox One on August 7, 2020.