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SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays Adds In Rouei, Graze Ein, Mars Jacket, And More

Previews for this week’s issue of Famitsu have gone up, and they reveal a few extra units coming to SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays.

A Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night Survey Asking For Opinions About Paid Cosmetic DLC Has Emerged

 People can change Miriam’s appearance in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night by having her hair cut or equipping certain accessories and items. Now, ArtPlay and 505 Games are wondering if people would want to pay for even more options. A Bloodstained Cosmetic DLC Poll has been shared via Twitter, asking for people’s opinions on possible add-ons.

Premature Evaluation: Griftlands

Developer: Klei Entertainment Publisher: Klei EntertainmentRelease: Out now (early access) On: Windows From: Epic Store Price: £11.50/$15/€12.50

Watch Dogs: Legion spec work is “utterly voluntary”, Ubisoft shrug and recommend

Ubisoft have defended their decision to source some of Watch Dogs: Legion‘s soundtrack through spec work, saying it’s “completely voluntary” for fans to create music hoping Ubi might pick it and pay them for their work. Ubi announced this “opportunity” last week, saying they will put ten fan-made tracks into the game. I suppose it is voluntary, as much as any other work is voluntary. My main objection isn’t even that Ubisoft are seeking spec work for their big-budget game, it’s that they’re using spec work as marketing to build brand engagement. They’re encouraging exploitative labour practices with a goal not much different to a competition offering Watch Dogs t-shirts as prizes for drawing cool hackers.

Netflix Showrunner Shows Off First Look at The Witcher Series Roach

Slowly, more details on Netflix’s The Witcher television series have been emerging. Most recently, the streaming service offered a better look at Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, while also showing off Yennefer and Ciri for the first time. Now it’s another character’s time in the spotlight. And who’s more important than the White Wolf’s noble steed, Roach? Absolutely no one. Thankfully, the first image of Roach has hit the web.

Hunt Showdown Trinity Mode Announced by Crytek

Crytek released a short teaser video for a new game mode coming to the first person, monster-slaying shooter, Hunt: Showdown. When it leaves early access on PCs on August 20, 2019, Trinity will appear alongside version 1.0. Multiple three-player teams will head out to hunt monsters while surviving against other real-life players competing for the same targets. We’ll have to wait and see if this means it could launch with the mode when it makes its way to the PlayStation 4 later in 2019.


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Borderlands Three celebrates togetherness with psychedelic cinematic trailer

Love for my Sons and Daughters Gearbox has dropped a new cinematic trailer for their upcoming multiplayer shooter Borderlands 3. The new and supremely trippy musical number features an ensemble cast of the sequel's heroes and villains engaging in a psychedelic war of the roses. Quite literally, as the battlefield blooms with the love-inspiring flower.To over-analyse the clip kind of takes away from the mind-bending beauty of it all, so it's probably just best that you check the video out for yourself. Backed by the The Turtles' 1967 classic "Happy Together", it's a wonderfully designed three minutes, combining the flower-power mentality of the '60s with the nihilistic, explosive carnage that is the Borderlands trademark. Enjoy.

Take goal with the Golden Deer of Fire Emblem: Three Houses

What's your range? Nintendo has released the third in a series of videos introducing us to the titular trio of academic sororities that make up Fire Emblem: Three Houses. We have already perused the magic lovers at The Black Eagles and the nobility and strength of The Blue Lions, with this new preview focusing on The Golden Deer.The Leicester Alliance, otherwise known as The Golden Deer, are the Garreg Mach Monastery's eastern division. Considering themselves a rogue nation, the school is made up of rebellious young students, many of whom are proficient in ranged weaponry, such as bows, and can even use lances and spears to maintain distance even in close-quarters.

Kingdoms of the Dump is a throwback RPG a couple of courageous little trash can

It's searching for spare change on Kickstarter It lives! Kingdoms of the Dump, a '90s JRPG throwback, first drew me in last year. Now it's making a case for a modest crowdfunding drive on Kickstarter and looking better than ever. This game is still tantalizingly out of reach with a 2022 release date, but the concept feels more refined than before.

Hundred Days is a online game about making wine

I want to make some 🎵 red red wine 🎵 There's room in this world for more than one winery management sim, and Hundred Days – an upcoming PC game with some rather pleasant art direction – currently has my attention. I love it when video games can give me a glimpse into a subject I know little about, prodding me to learn more.

Brave the brand new frontier and its risks in Focus’ upcoming journey GreedFall

Oh, also, there's a gross disease kicking around Focus Home Interactive continue on their noble quest to bring interesting mid-tier titles to the masses, releasing a new trailer (alongside a release date) for GreedFall, an upcoming action-RPG from French developer Spiders.Set in an alternate 17th century, the player will step into the boots of a colonial explorer, who travels to the uncharted isle of Teer Fradee in a quest to discover a cure for a deadly illness that is threatening to wipe out humanity (Focus Home are real big on their disease-based narratives it appears). Upon arriving at Teer Fradee, the explorers will become entwined in a war between the natives of the island and a party of invaders, while also unearthing ancient secrets and encountering mysterious spirits, determined to ward off trespassers. That includes you, bucko.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan reveals its multiplayer modes

Share a Scare If the horrors of Until Dawn left you jumping in the dark, then at least with the upcoming Dark Pictures saga Man of Medan, you'll be able to share those scares with pals, as Supermassive Games has revealed multiplayer modes for their upcoming interactive thriller.An all-new "Shared Story Mode" will allow two players to co-op through the narrative together, making decisions that will affect each other and other characters while exploring the rusted death ship and other locales. If you have more than a single friend, then "Movie Night" might be for you, where you and up to four pals pick a character each for pass-the-controller style gameplay. This way, if one person gets everyone killed, then you know who not to invite next time, right?