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Vampire: The Masquerade: Shadows of New York coming to PC and consoles later this year

What music they make Children of the night will be pleased to learn that Draw Distance has announced a new visual novel coming from the popular RPG brand Vampire: The Masquerade. Shadows of New York is a new pseudo-expansion to 2019's Coteries of New York and will come slinking onto PC and consoles later in 2020. Shadows of New York will follow the dark tale of a young woman from Lasombra, described as "an outcast in your own vampiric sect. A political prisoner of no particular value. An immigrant who never found her roots in a city of immigrants." But when murder befalls the leader of New York's Anarch chapter, our  is mysteriously chosen as the bloodsucker to investigate. Why her? And who is behind this latest act of violence in a city where every step, every corner turn, every encounter is fraught with peril?

Hotline Miami Collection comes sleazin’ onto Xbox One

The real Rip and Tear release Developer Dennaton Games, alongside publisher Devolver Digital, has released its sickening, sun-splashed Hotline Miami Collection on the Xbox One platform, bringing all of its nihilistic violence and hazy, lurid atmosphere to the Microsoft console. It's difficult for me to imagine there's anybody unaware of these twitchy top-down shooters, but for those of you yet to overdose on the 2012 indie release and its 2015 sequel, now is the perfect time to ride the rancid rainbow. With this release, both games are now readily available on all current platforms.

Dragon Marked for Death is headed to PC later this month

Rock the Dragon on Steam April 21 Inti Creates has announced that it will be bringing mystical adventure Dragon Marked for Death to PC (via Steam) on April 21, following on from its previous release on Nintendo Switch. Dragon Marked for Death is an action-platformer which tells the tale of a quartet of heroes - the last surviving members of the fabled Dragonblood Clan - who set out on a quest to rescue their oracle from the oppressive Kingdom of Medius. Selecting from one of four classes, (Empress, Witch, Warrior, or Shinobi), players will battle through enemy territory, while completing a list of side-quests to help out their kin. Four-player co-op allows you and friends to battle against the forces of evil together.

Gears 5 is free-to-play on PC all weekend

Rev up your Lancers If, like myself, you've yet to try out Xbox Game Studios shooter sequel Gears 5, then this weekend may prove the perfect opportunity, as the full game is going free-to-play on PC from now until April 12. Simply download Gears 5 from either Steam or the Windows Store, and you've got the whole weekend to take it to The Swarm. The free-to-play period should offer you enough time to grind out the entire campaign, which sees protagonist Kait Diaz investigate the origins of the Locust, its former leader Queen Myrrah, and Diaz' own connection to both. If you have any time left, then Gears' legendary multiplayer modes are at your service, complete with the recently added new COG soldier, Batista. Gears 5 is available now on PC and Xbox One. A new strategy title, Gears Tactics, launches on PC April 28, with an Xbox One port to follow later in 2020.

Lego Super Mario pre-orders will receive bonus ‘Super Mushroom’ set

Building a bridge to your heart Earlier this week, The LEGO Group and Nintendo revealed the first run of sets from their fun-looking new venture LEGO Super Mario. Pre-orders are now live at a variety of retailers, and it seems as though customers who get in early will also bag themselves a bonus set. The "Super Mushroom and Monty Mole" set is a small expansion kit which will give the Mario Starter Course a few more options to play with. This set includes interactive mushroom and Monty Mole figurines, as well as a POW block, a small base plate, and a "Stone-Eye," which you may remember from the New Super Mario Bros. titles.

Cannibal Holocaust video game adaptation to leave a bad taste in your mouth

What?... WHAT?... Italian director Ruggero Deodato, in collaboration with Fantastico Studio, has announced a video game sequel to his notorious 1980 film, Cannibal Holocaust. In development for release on PC and consoles later this year, it's expected that Cannibal will put the "graphic" in its "interactive graphic adventure." Cannibal will see players guide a cast of hapless characters through the oppressive, unmapped jungles of Borneo, where I assume nothing untoward will happen at all. Little detail is available on the project at this point, but Deodato - director of grim pictures like The House on the Edge of the Park and Cut and Run - is confirmed as writer/director, with Fantastico Studio responsible for developing the Unity-based title. Cannibal Holocaust, released at the height of the Euro-horror boom, is a pioneer of the "found-footage" genre, which would be later made famous by films such as The Blair Witch Project and REC. It tells the story of a group of (thoroughly unlikable) documentary-makers who journey deep into the Amazon rainforest, an area cheerfully known as "The Green Inferno". There the protagonists record their encounter with two warring tribes, disturbing the peace in order to sensationalize the footage. Things don't work out, surprisingly enough.

Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake documentary reflects on the adventure’s enduring sound

Just something in my eye... In 30-plus years of gaming, I've heard a cavalcade of amazing and emotive scores. But there's probably still no one soundtrack that literally makes my heart flutter like that of Final Fantasy VII. A memorable collection of beautiful tunes - composed by the legendary Nobuo Uematsu - that can stir up an immediate well of emotions (i.e. make me blub like a baby) with just a few notes. The unmistakable Final Fantasy "sound" is the focus of the fourth episode of Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake, a documentary series looking at the legacy of the classic PlayStation RPG and the mammoth undertaking of recreating its musical magic for a brand new generation of players, while utilising modern technology to present a constantly-shifting dynanism to the on-screen action. As with all previous episodes, this video features a lot of footage taken from FFVII Remake's cutscenes. So best avoid if you wish to go into the game completely spoiler-free.

Take a whiz around Yoshi’s Island (not that one) in Mario Kart Tour today

Do you say Yo-Shee or Yosh-ee? This weekend brought an end to the recent Hammer Bros. Tour in Nintendo's mobile racer Mario Kart Tour. But fear ye not, speed freaks, as a brand new tour starts today - this time featuring everyone's favourite long-tongue dinosaur, Yoshi. The Yoshi Tour tour will see Mario, Luigi, Peach and friends get into their 100ccs in gear for a whiz around a Yoshi-shaped island, (though not necessarily Yoshi's Island) for the latest leg of the game's global circuit. In fact, Mario Kart Tour seems to have forgotten about the "World" part of its "World Tour." Although earlier legs were held in Tokyo, Paris, and London, recent courses have been more inclined to theme themselves after characters in the Super Mario universe, rather than real-world locations. Regardless, the Yoshi Tour goes live in-game today. Mario Kart Tour is available now on iOS and Android devices.